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Executive Director/Founder of TMBLM, Inc., veteran, ex-software consultant, international mentor & father, part-time writer, YT content creator.

I was NOT going to write today, but breaking news has me elated to do so. My homie knew how pissed I’ve been about Mr. Cosby’s demise, so he texted me hours after the news that this man will be released from prison. There will be hell to pay when…

Black Panther’s Killmonger

Well, now. Known to a few, I am an unassuming man around here on Medium, but known to read a great many articles, cape for Black women who have white trolls trying to surround them in their comments, and jump up in the middle of Black men’s articles as well…

Front Cover of the Cardinals Magazine; Issue with my Father on it!
Magazine Cover

I got interviewed for this issue of Cardinals Magazine, along with a bunch of other people in my father’s life. There isn’t a digital link for the entire article, so if you’d like to purchase a single issue for $5, use this link:

Gibby Unplugged — I don’t receive proceeds…

Random Police Brutality

It was Fall of 2004 and I had no idea that day would end up with me beat up, in jail with trumped-up charges against me. I was 47 years old. One of the worst days of my life; I will never forget it. First time I had ever seen…

I thought I had seen the most traumatizing video ever, when Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd for all the world to see. Then I just saw probably the 2nd worst video I’ve ever seen, over here → The Root. I just pointed you to the article, not the video; just…

I recommend that you NOT recommend anything to me. I don't fall of bullshit. If you don't stand on something, you'll fall for that crap every time. Why would you not say what you want to say instead of deflecting? You're giving yourself away by dropping links in my articles. I will merely hide them, Conservative Freedom. SMFH

I don't care who that Millennial is and the fact he's Black. You think I can be persuaded by a white man in Black skin? THINK AGAIN! There are plenty that have a white supremacist mindset, so you're not pulling one over on me, dude. We have a name for Black men like him, and he’s been identified as such. You need to keep it moving and find someone else to bother. You’ve been blocked.

Here, here! Good piece. I kind of turn it around on them and laugh because I don't have to spend hours baking under the sun; I'm naturally tanned and proud of it!

That was fun, but don't you go hurting yourself over those morons. We're not all crazy, lacking a sense of humor, or butthurt about Dave Chappelle. Yeah, he misspoke a couple of times, but no big deal. Lots of comedians do.

Tell 'em, Ms. Rebecca. To me, as long as those things have been going on ... probably since the 1970's ... they are a joke. Nothing ever changes, and if they were effective at all, the yard stick would've moved by now. Diversity training is what that's called here, and it's a joke as well. Box check-off.

Excellent analysis, ma'am!

Typical, typical, typical. All that training with different names ends up the same way. They have no more incentive to incorporate anything into their daily lives, so it's just an "I was there," type of thing.

Kind of like putting BLM placards in their windows & yards. It's so they can tell their friends they are anti-racists. No they aren't. They're just people who wanted to look cool in thier neighborhoods until someone burned a cross in their yards. LOL

Ray Gibson

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