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Executive Director/Founder of TMBLM, Inc., veteran, ex-software consultant, international mentor & father, part-time writer, YT content creator.

I was NOT going to write today, but breaking news has me elated to do so. My homie knew how pissed I’ve been about Mr. Cosby’s demise, so he texted me hours after the news that this man will be released from prison. There will be hell to pay when it happens, so STAY VIGILANT, BLACK PEOPLE! Here is what happened and why he was released.

You don’t know what is in these white supremacists’ hearts when they seek revenge, any time something good happens to us … like this. Exactly like this, because this is one of their top…

Black Panther’s Killmonger

Well, now. Known to a few, I am an unassuming man around here on Medium, but known to read a great many articles, cape for Black women who have white trolls trying to surround them in their comments, and jump up in the middle of Black men’s articles as well. I’m a small-fry, but I am loud! Our sistas are always complaining that Black men don’t protect them, and I’m here to say that’s not true. …

Front Cover of the Cardinals Magazine; Issue with my Father on it!
Magazine Cover

I got interviewed for this issue of Cardinals Magazine, along with a bunch of other people in my father’s life. There isn’t a digital link for the entire article, so if you’d like to purchase a single issue for $5, use this link:

Gibby Unplugged — I don’t receive proceeds from the Cardinals.

That’s my father on the cover, and this is a tribute to him. I come out as transgender and I thank the Cardinals for working with me to make my coming out as perfect as possible. I worked with Stan McNeal who is a great guy to…

Random Police Brutality

It was Fall of 2004 and I had no idea that day would end up with me beat up, in jail with trumped-up charges against me. I was 47 years old. One of the worst days of my life; I will never forget it. First time I had ever seen the inside of a jail, let alone a jail cell. I made a YouTube video about it and was overly forgiving of the pohleece that caused me so much pain that night. My body language was very telling in that video, and I have allowed myself to feel the underlying…

I thought I had seen the most traumatizing video ever, when Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd for all the world to see. Then I just saw probably the 2nd worst video I’ve ever seen, over here → The Root. I just pointed you to the article, not the video; just in case you want to opt out of watching the video. Be forewarned that the video is very disturbing for Black people & especially Black parents. Tears of anger & disgust stung my eyes.

Why for Black people more than any other kind of person? Because we can relate and…

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Gold star for you, and THANK YOU! I'm going to share this in spaces where I know people are watching me ... aside from Medium. Some of us have been saying this for a while that we didn't create racism, so how TF are we going to dismantle it? We've been trying for centuries and we know who has to do it. NOT US

Yes they do, sir. They need to be demilitarized, defunded, refunded, humanized and bonked on the head with their batons. Oh, do they even still have batons?

I get your sentiments. I'm not sure they're cowards as much as they just don't care when the objects of their brutalization are white boys/girls. Even then, without all that equipment & backup, I bet they'd shrivel up and cry. Reminds me of that scene in Thelma & Louise when that cop rolled up on them and they put him in the trunk of his squad car. Cried like a baby and a punk.

They are not military personnel and shouldn't get all the bells & whistles our soldiers get. I don't trust them and could never be a man in blue. F__k that!

Tell your truth and shame the Devil, Ms. Rebecca! Awesome article and it flowed. I hadn't sensed this, aside for 2 Black therapists I've had. They understand what I don't have time to educate about. Best I've ever had. I wish I could experience what you have, but we don't really get choices at the VA. I'm out to change that particular practice, but have to fight the entire government to get there.

Keep taking care of you and yours, ma'am.

Integration, Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Time will tell whether the number of BIPOC together will exceed the number of white people in AmeriKKKa in the 2040’s. I’ll be in my 80’s by then. Yes, I am a Boomer, born in 1957. Make no mistake, I will spend most of my life observing how integration didn’t work. It had its benefits, but the disadvantages exceeded those benefits. Now, we wait to see what this country will look like when the tide turns.

Integration became legitimized in 1966 by the Fifth Circuit Court following the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We are still going through integration as…

Ray Gibson

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