Another excellent article that I didn't see until now.

They're still trying to ignore this, Ms. Rebecca. Even loudly, and in fact is their first line of defense. I suppose they think if they complain loudly enough, we'll stop demanding they take of their blinders and do something for real.

One thing is for certain. Because of social media, the internet, etc., we're hearing from us like no other time in history. The more they push, the more we push, and it's just a big ole' pushing match. We will not be silenced again. How will they even try? They think intimidating us over the internet will slow us down, but that's not working.

I'm starting to get a big laugh that they're whining so much about this without realizing we deal with this 24x7, 365. They opt-out at various times, only to have a new crew of nut-cases take over their whining. If they showed up like that about racism, it could be eradicated in no time. Well, they don't want it to ever end; that's for certain.

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