Friend of mine led me here, and funny thing happened when I moved 1.5 miles North of my previous address. I really liked this place when I saw it, but was concerned about the internet provider. Legacy all the way. Of course the property managers tried to up-play the service, and trust me when I say it was a step down to say the least.

I figured it all out when I showed up to pick up the equipment. Router AND modem? Have to have separate boxes in different rooms that don't communicate with each other. A/C plugs too large for UPS boxes. What kind of shit was that?

I went from Comcast to Spectrum with no choice in this complex. They have a bulk rate with Spectrum and it comes out of my rent payment; not directly to those clowns. Everybody in this large complex has to use them and can't put a different service inside. Spectrum/Charter purchased Time Warner when they got out of the internet business, and then downgraded everybody's service. Never again.

The big money games these cable providers play is ridiculous and customers are no more than pawns in their greedy games. Comcast wanted to buy Time Warner, but the FCC prevented them and gave TW to a company that wasn't doing as good as Xfinity/Comcast. Yeah, I see the bullshit.

I didn't click all those links and would have rather get a summary of what's inside them before spending 10 x's the amount of time to read this one. Informative, though. This country will never be great again until they stop screwing over the little guy. We're too loud for them to fool everybody for long.

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