I know you are well-intended, Ms. Marley, but you're mistaken about one very important thing. White people will never save us! As the racist piece of shit said below me (and ones below him), there are millions like him in this country. That's their go-to; to indicate reverse racism exists, when that's the biggest load of ignorant bullshit they can ever come up with.

We must save ourselves, because most of them aren't interested and outnumber those who are. Reiterating or embedding the teachings of John Lewis goes right over their heads; they probably don't even know where "getting into good trouble" even came from.

I, for one, don't ask them for shit anymore, because they're basically very cowardly without weapons. I am surprised they've hung in there this long, but they have no idea what it is to sustain being brutalized for a cause over decades of time ... let alone that cause not be about them. They don't realize OUR cause IS their cause; that the civil rights era progress was progress for all people, including them.

Save yourself and those around you, sista, because November is right around the corner, and the government has shown its hand. Let some 17 year old punk run around killing people for sport, his sick cause, and those of the militia this government sent out. SMFH

Executive Director/Founder of TMBLM, Inc., veteran, ex-software consultant, international mentor & father, part-time writer, YT content creator.

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