My Business, TMBLM, Inc.

I have a dream. Well, I had a dream that was disrupted by the racist, sexist, transphobic powers of Facebook. TMBLM stands for TransMale Black Lives Matter. No, it’s not affiliated with BLM in any way, and it isn’t exclusive to transmen. It’s open to any Black person identifying on the binary spectrum around the world. I started it as a group of Black transmen, but opened it up to women with a vote among the men. Then I expanded to other Black people besides trans people.

Folks never understood why I was so upset about being permanently banned by an employee of that platform. For all I know, It could have been a group of employees, management, or the executives. The constituents of my business are a major reason why. It’s limping along now, being taken care of by a small band of men and a woman who care how my business got left without its leader. I wasn’t being used by that place, I was using it. I’m sure that pissed them off, too, because I wasn’t compliant with whoever they thought I should be around there.

I never wanted the employees of that place to know how deeply this wounded me, for it is an internet-based international nonprofit business. They have some idea, because I’m sure they discussed what it might do to me and my people. As of the time I was taken away from them on August 8, 2019, FB was toting 1.4 billion daily users, 2.4 billion monthly users. What they did violated antitrust laws, not to mention my civil rights, and rights against humanity. I can’t even begin to say how suffocating the isolation has been. I do imagine they knew exactly what they were doing when they shit-canned me like I was Louis Farrakhan. I barely care anymore, which is why I’m making these details public.

They uprooted most of my children because I was a father by proxy to a great many of them around the world. I also mentored people both transgender and cisgender alike. Those people never cared about my special gender, because who I am shines brighter than that slight detail. TMBLM, Inc. was a divine creation. You wouldn’t believe what I went through as I was birthing this baby of a business. A bunch of white people from another group I owned got highly pissed when I created that one a year before I made it a business. I ended up having to shut that one down, which devastated a bunch of people. I was not going to be abused like that for free. Being a group admin on Fuckerbook is no joke, and a thankless job that you don’t get paid for.

I was a computer professional, not a businessman. I only had the aptitude because I’m not afraid to try things that are above my head, and things I don’t even think are possible, before I put my head down and go for it. I can think of at least 100 reasons they pulled something like this, one being they knew if I had the funds to fight them, I would’ve done it around the time I made TMBLM a nonprofit business in 2018. They had been messing with me personally since 2016. Then started messing with my groups. I found a Black guy, but he wanted way too much money to represent me and was thinking about dollar signs before I knew his track record with regards to antitrust laws. I hate to say it, but fuck lawyers and their greedy ways. They don’t care about doing the right thing. They only care about getting paid, whether they win or not.

Here is the external mission statement that was also divinely created from God through my mind:

Given the reality of racism & phobias around the world, TMBLM, Inc. empowers, educates, and transforms binary Black men & women regardless of gender and/or sexuality expression, religion, class or politics. Outcast from mainstream melanin societies around the world, this organization is Pro-Black by and for the emotional, mental, economic advancement of Moors.

There are many support groups for LGBTQ+, many for cisgender heterosexual women and men, but none combine them as one efficient movement to take on racism in an extraordinary way. The executive director was raised during the civil rights movements of the 1960’s and saw the need for a special kind of unity. Founded in June 2018, in the face of White Supremacy & White Nationalism, this organization is primed to take on both with leadership, innovation and motivation the likes of which this world has never seen.

Internally referred to as Kings and Queens, it is making leaders & warriors of men/women, while restoring the strength of unique family units within the Black community. During the civil rights era, “Black Power” hasn’t been seen since. By any means necessary, TMBLM, Inc. puts the Powerback into Black and is BACK!

Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright © by TMBLM, Inc. 2019. All Rights Reserved

It is a well-known fact that mainstream Black people, groups, organizations, and businesses do not want to cater to or include LGBTQ+ people and keep us on the other side of their walls. Mainstream LGBTQ+ is very whitewashed, so TMBLM, Inc. is right in the middle pulling Black people from both sides of the aisles. We don’t care whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, queer, or transgender. Point is we’re all Black and the struggle is about that, before the rest of who we are. There is one caveat that I must mention. TMBLM, Inc. is not for non-binary or gender non-conforming trans people. Why? There’s too much confusion going on there, a pronoun nightmare, and they seem to have problems with binary trans people. They hate anything representing the binary spectrum, and in fact are now trying to stifle their expression & voices. Until TMBLM, Inc. gets a firm footing, it’s not inclusive of them. Problem is, we never got a firm footing and what I call Fuckerbook KNEW IT! In fact, I was getting ready to kick into another gear when they pulled the plug; they knew that too, because they were watching me carefully. Might’ve even listened to some of my many videos on YouTube. Every time I sneezed the wrong way, they’d put me in group jail.

When it happened, I wasn’t doing anything in particular. Just WHAM, I was history in less than 1 second. They took 10 years of my life with them, too. That was my data & information, not theirs. Who do they think they are? Slave-owners? That’s how they treat people and their data. They own all of it, and thus you. It shouldn’t be that way, but who’s around to stop them, huh? Who can stop them when they are the largest, wealthiest, and have monopolized everybody’s social circles & business presence around the world? They have grown out-of-control, are monsters & tyrants, but most users have no idea and could care less. I was there for more reasons than to socialize, be entertained, purchase products, and get addicted to the place. I refused to buy anything from FB, because they wouldn’t leave me alone.

One of the things my external mission statement doesn’t say is I was going to create an underground railroad of sorts, which is a term someone in the social group came up with when I told them my plans between the citizens of the United States and the citizens of Africa. Not that it would operate like Harriet Tubman’s railroad, for it was physically on the ground and used trains to get slaves to freedom. No, this one was going to use the airways, but once people hit the ground in the U.S. from Africa, TMBLM, Inc. would kick into gear to get them asylum.

It would also establish going from the U.S. to the continent of Africa and other countries where large groups of Black people reside. Most people aren’t seeking asylum traveling from the United States abroad. We’d pay for their Visas only, and people would have to be empowered to pay for everything else plus find people/places to stay once they got here to the U.S. TMBLM, Inc. would only pay for Visas if they could prove they’ve got the rest of their finances together, passports, shots, travel, accommodations, food, etc. Quite a task, but we are into transforming people’s insides so they could transform their outsides, so to speak.

Once officers were trained, we would provide mentor-ship opportunities, so I wasn’t bogged down with my many worldwide children. I was also positioning myself to do some special things for transmen, since we do need extra equipment to be comfortable as men. Either binder/packer discounts and supply these things to Africans who don’t ever seem to have enough money for those gadgets. Binders are special undergarments that safely bind the chest for a flat look. Packers fit in our underwear to make us feel better about having that part of our anatomy missing most of our lives, but you can also buy ones to stand-and-pee, play (use for sex), and more. Packers are prosthetic penises, typically made of silicone, but I’ve seen cheap ones made of cloth. I would link to articles talking about them, but all the ones I’ve seen are advertisements to purchase them. I’m very particular about the brands of those items, so I won’t put a plug-in for any one manufacturer. I have my preferences and was building business relationships with those companies before the rug pulled out from under TMBLM, Inc.

Given enough funding, we were planning on surgery scholarships for transmen with surgeons in their country and creating a meet-and-greet party in the U.S. Before the party, we were going to pull in all the officers to meet each other personally in Atlanta, GA where TMBLM, Inc. Headquarters is located. This isn’t even everything, folks; just the major pieces. How I was accomplishing this was remarkable, but I still needed the influx of users to make it fly. People come and go and aren’t full of integrity when it comes to some startups or organizations. I was looking for diamonds in the ruff and that took time, patience, lots of conversations, and a ton of people to find them. I have a lot of pride in the fact I am the same way in person as I am online; what you see/read is what you get with me. I’m a great communicator and was trained by the best. I’m a former public speaker for an introduction to transformation & excellence.

I could go on and on about the devastating impact of what Facebook has done, but I think you get the idea. It depended on the influx of people from all over the world, they knew it, and they wanted to disrupt my business and wound me deeply & effectively. They didn’t care who their move hurt. Amazingly, neither does anybody else. I truly got to find out the sincerity of all kinds of people, businesses, organizations, and agencies within the U.S. that claim to be diverse, inclusive, etc. They only care about themselves, people & businesses that are clones of each other. They are black-targeted businesses, not Black-owned, Black activist, trans-man-led organizations.

The economics of how they cut out all Black-owned businesses is what came into play with mine. Surgical precision is what other Black-owned businesses have been complaining about. White AmeriKKKa knows how to use our lack of economic positioning against us and keep us from the gold in society. Ask Roland Martin of Roland Martin Unfiltered. He’s been clamoring about how businesses keep marketing money away from Black-owned media companies for the past few months. If he’s experiencing that kind of push-back, imagine what much smaller businesses go through, let alone ones that are super special interest organizations like mine.

So, you see folks, I am not the kind of man who is all over the internet just talking about doing something. I was doing something way bigger than myself, and not all about myself. I put all my time, energy, and finances into this. It was my purpose as divinely revealed to me in 2016. I am walking what I’m talking, and not just around to run off at the mouth about what I wish I could do for mankind. I was doing it and doing it big! I was putting my past success as a software consultant into play, doing something I wasn’t necessarily qualified to do, and took a huge gamble on the loyalties of people who believed in me. I not only feel letdown, I feel I let my people down, too. That hurts almost as much as I’m hurting for myself in all this.

I have made many a video about not letting circumstances dictate one’s life and feel like I let this circumstance dictate mine. I was set up and couldn’t stop it even though I saw it coming. There was no backup plan for this, because there wasn’t a backup platform that glues people together as much, or as fast, as that place does.

They’ve cornered the marketplace of people vs. businesses, all over the world. There are no internet laws preventing them from discriminating against anybody, anywhere, at any time. Another place that white supremacy can thrive, while squashing any competition or people who don’t toe their lines. Makes me sick, and God willing, He will point me to something to circumvent all this. I’m already here on Medium and gaining a similar reputation as I had on Fuckerbook. Oh, I call that place that, because they were in a constant habit of fucking with me. Hahahaha

I’m careful not to say how this has affected me personally, but you can just imagine. There were many, many personal bombs. I know if any of those employees see this, they will gloat over job well done and pat themselves on the back for pulling off tyranny. So, I’m not giving them everything to gloat over. There are sick people out there who want others to fail, get a kick out of it, and Fuckerbook is by far no exception. I had haters, knew who most of them were, and I’m sure they’re glad this competition has been eliminated. There is a saying about what happens when the leader of something goes away, and TMBLM, Inc. is suffering from that. Aside from out-of-sight, out-of-mind type of thing.

I’m disappointed, and I’m disappointed in the fear & shortsightedness of my crew. Do they know what they didn’t fight for, or didn’t they care? I don’t know, and don’t care to ask. I’d never get the truth, nor would it make anything better for now. I’m being side-tracked, so I’ll do my thing elsewhere and get back in the saddle with other things I need to be doing. I’m an overachiever, so I’m always doing something to keep busy in retirement.

There is a spiritual aspect of this that I know intellectually, but it hasn’t traveled to my stomach, yet. The bigger you are, the bigger resistance can become. I am not a traditional kind of man, and I threatened the traditional status quo. I knew this, and they will never convince me I was wrong in what I was doing, why I was doing it, where and when. It’s just a matter of time before a solution comes out of nowhere. It has happened before and can happen again in my life. Now that I got this off my chest, perhaps I’ll have some clarity to do other big things until God sees fit to throw TMBLM, Inc. a real lifeline.

Executive Director/Founder of TMBLM, Inc., veteran, ex-software consultant, international mentor & father, part-time writer, YT content creator.

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