Yeah, well, I don't write as much as I comment in other people's articles ... at the trolls sometimes. Because I use colorful language, and tell them to go fuck themselves, Medium is threatening me at every turn. I told one he was being fucking silly. That's a Medium violation? Really? He was being silly, and I suppose they're being tone-pohleece because I put a cuss word in there.

I help protect the integrity of my sistas & brothas on this platform, and for that, the white men (typically) that I shut down flag my comment because they are fragile. So, don't be surprised if I end up out of here, because they're determined to shut down my voice while protecting the integrity of trolls all over the place.

Pisses me off that they don't see anything in context, nor what I was responding to that had me bonk any particular person on the head. I'm really a decent guy, but the trolls have gotten on my last nerve. I don't think I do it from a place of love, because I don't love those people, but because they made the hair on my neck stand up.

I can't stand that Medium is trying to take away my right to be an adult and pohleece my words as if 'cussing' was some kind of crime. Trolling isn't? Hmmmmm...

Great piece, ma'am!

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