Yes, I read the whole thing and whatever all you wrote, because you are triggered, I'm not reading all of your reaction vs. response. I skimmed through it, but your tone told me, “Don’t read that extremely long reaction!” Disagreeing with your premise caused all that? Ummmmm…

Challenge yourself, because you're not out of the woods yet. I'm not assuming anything. It's because I read the entire article, you're lucky anybody Black read that thing. Look at who responded with accolades, or at all.

My being a veteran has nothing to do with my response; me being Black did. Just because you couldn't see through your fragile feelings as to why I said what I said and ask questions, guess what? LOL

Executive Director/Founder of TMBLM, Inc., veteran, ex-software consultant, international mentor & father, part-time writer, YT content creator.

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